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A leader with experience

Hi, My name is Alan Monsen and I am running for State Senate in District 4. I am seeking to  represent all constituents within our neighborhoods.

My roots run deep in the district starting with my grandmother who believed that I would grow up to create positive change for her family and for my future family. My personal experiences in these towns, cities and neighborhoods fundamentally shaped and, at one point, changed the direction of my life. From what started with my grandmother and continued with mentors, I am now able to draw from a unique background of professional skills, educational accomplishments and non-profit work.

In today's polarizing environment, it is time to put leadership back into the political dialogue.  I am ready to rise above the fray and make a positive difference for our cities: homes, schools, neighborhoods, neighbors—every one of us.

One of my many personal promises is to make a positive impact in the lives of Utah’s Children. Growing up facing abuse, neglect and trauma, I learned firsthand the importance of an advocate. Through my work as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA), I have been able to reach out and help other neglected and abused children in our state. My time on the frontline has been both bitter and sweet as I try to help those facing issues such as teen suicide, poor education or the lack thereof.

We can't afford to lose momentum with Utah’s Economic Engine running on all cylinders. We must seek to create quality jobs, especially for young professionals saddled with student debt and seeking a career in our state. I will take what I've learned and continue to listen from those within my constituency in order to better manage our surplus and appropriately invest in our infrastructure. This will improve the lives of all Utahns from our students, young families to our retirees and elderly.

Treating Utah’s Pain seeks to address the complicated issues within our state. This requires a bipartisan approach and leadership that is willing to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of Utahns.

It's time for leadership in improving our quality of life. It is unacceptable to be ranked 6th-worst state in the nation for air quality by the American Lung Association. We also have the 7th-highest drug overdose rate in the U.S. Fixing these issues requires not only one state senator, but every legislator working together with healthcare providers and community leaders. For over a decade, we have had great talking points from our current State Senator and other representatives, however, it is time for solutions and time to act.

With your support, I can champion these issues.  We need to move beyond partisan lines, especially in a District where the majority of voters are unaffiliated. It is time to leverage the strong and passionate community we live in. It is time to focus on making this a better place to live for ourselves today and for our children tomorrow.


My priorities are based on surveys, focus groups and research aimed at making a real difference in the lives of all Utahns.

Utah’s Economic Engine

Keep our economy vibrant and thriving


Utah’s Children

Education, safety and success


Utah’s Backyard

Real solutions for our precious resources of air, land and water


Treating Utah’s Pain

The opioid crisis